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New Friends and New Ideas found at INAFA

Paula and Byron attended the INAFA (International Native American Flute Association) convention in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in July. What a great experience!

It was held at the University of Wisconsin, so those who chose could register for meals and for staying in a dorm. We opted for using our camper, but registered for the meal plan. The food is about what you’d expect from school cafeterias, but the best part is visiting with fluties from all over the country.

One of our first meals, a woman saw Louisiana on my name tag and said she loved our website. When Byron told her, I was the one who does it, she said she thought she recognized the name. She was excited to report that her flute circle loves using the music for playing together! (Nancy, I’m working on more right now!)

We also got to spend a meal talking with Randy Granger. He mentioned he would be passing through Baton Rouge on his way to Native Rhythms Festival in Florida this November. He’s willing to do a “House Concert” here if there is enough interest! (If you haven’t heard his music, he has samples on youtube. His user name is LoneGranger. Be sure to listen to several!) Stay tuned for more details to come.

Of course, the big draw was the concerts. Randy Granger, Cornell Kinderknect, Jan Seiden, Coyote Oldman, Peter Phippen, Jeff Ball, R. C. Nakai and a host of others. What a treat!

We attended many of the workshops. One that I almost skipped was teaching TAB. I thought that since I already knew about TAB, I would shop the vendors instead. Byron talked me into going and now I’m very glad he did! All the way home, we discussed her teaching methods and whether we could put together a similar teaching program for our area. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

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