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2014 Re-cap

No, we haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth, or given up on the website. We’ve just had a very eventful year that kept us focused on other things.
Our flute year began with Zion Flute School. We got to spend time with old friends and made a few new ones. Pat Haran had an ultra low D#m flute that we loved, but really wanted Dm instead. We ordered one and have loved it ever since!
In April, we attended Musical Echoes in Fort Walton Beach, FL and won a flute at silent auction.
In June, we attended RNAFF in Townsend TN. Purchased a moyo drum and a flute from Jon Norris. It also became a turning point in our lives. We attended several workshops. One that Paula attended was given by Steve Rushingwind. He was very supportive of Paula’s wish to record a lullaby album. With his encouragement and some advice from Adam Riviere, Paula decided to begin working on a long awaited dream.
July 4th, Paula stepped foot into a recording studio for the first time and began recording the first tracks of her first CD!
We took several trips during the year. One trip to Arkansas, we were playing our flutes at a state park and met people interested in learning more. We went to an open mic night in MS. and played to an appreciative audience.
During August and September, Paula continued writing more original pieces for the CD. One piece was inspired by a workshop by Julia Gatliff, one was played at Zion school for Cornell Kinderknecht and Scott August. Thanks to all for their input and encouragement.
At the end of August, Byron was contacted by Laura Hall. Butch Hall had been asked to come to Baton Rouge for an event. They could not attend, but Laura immediately gave the event organizers our names. It was “Harvest Days” at an LSU affiliated site. Several thousand people attended over the two day event. We took turns demonstrating flute to groups of people and handing out business cards and information.
Oct. 4th, we released our CD! Since we both played on it, we chose the group name Passages and released the CD under the title “Sleepytime.” Of the 15 tracks, 12 are original compositions.
In November, we attended Native Rhythms Flute Festival with CDs in hand. We sold a few to friends and gave a couple to those who were supportive on our journey. We met Richard Sill. He was very interested in our website and in transposing music. He has submitted several tunes that will be put up shortly. Byron is in the midst of updating several aspects of the website right now.
Following Native Rhythms, we attended Cornell’s annual party at Butch Hall’s home in the Dallas TX area. An open mic was set up and we had several opportunities to play. Paula played one of her lullaby compositions with Randy Granger on udu. Wow! What fun that was! The following day, Cornell and Randy gave a concert. We attended the concert, helped sell CDs for them, had a good meal with them and a few new friends. Chris Gale told us about the ocarina.
Christmas presents this year included and ocean drum by Cynthia McDonald and an ocarina!
Goals for the upcoming year include continued songwriting, a 2nd CD and, of course, keeping up with the website.

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