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Catching up.

Where has the time gone? This past year has had so much going on it’s difficult to know where to begin.

Charlie and Robin attended Zion Flute festival last June and came back with flutes, gourds, CDs and PVC Anasazi flutes from a class they had attended.

Byron and Paula had a daughter getting married that month, but managed to make it to the INAFA convention later in the year. We finally purchased an Anasazi flute of our own.

Twohawks, meanwhile, was teaching classes at a local college. He got a number of folks interested in a flute circle. Enough, in fact, that Louisiana now has its third flute circle!

Today I was asked to transpose “Let There be Peace on Earth” for NAF. While uploading it to the website, I spent time checking links and noticing the sad state of our blog. So, we begin again.

Our monthly flute circle meeting has been changed to the second Thursday of the month. Our next meeting will be March 12, 2009. I can hardly wait to see who will be there and what we can share!

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