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Peter Phippen “Night Songs” and “Shadows of Dawn”

The first time I met Peter Phippen, he was giving a class on advanced techniques at Zion Canyon Art and Flute Festival, October 2006. A class member asked him to play “Lubbock Lullaby.” I was captivated by the piece. That evening I heard him in concert. Having only enough cash for one cd, I knew he would be the artist I bought from. I asked him which cd was his favorite. He without hesitation chose “Shadows of Dawn” due to be released in a few weeks. I purchased it and had him sign it.

I brought home “Shadows of Dawn” and was not disappointed. Peter Phippen plays a variety of world flutes with exquisite skill. Each track highlights the distinct sounds of the chosen instrument.

I returned to Zion in June 2007. Peter Phippen was once again in concert there. I was still haunted by the memory of him playing “Lubbock Lullaby” which appears on “Night Songs” as “Lullaby.” I again spoke with Peter as I purchased “Night Songs” and asked him to autograph it. He told me “Night Songs” was his favorite. I laughed and told him that wasn’t what he said last October. We had a nice conversation and I happily took my new purchase home.

“Night Songs” is well named. It is a compilation of songs on various world flutes each more soothing and relaxing than the one before. As each song blends into the next, I find myself drifting on a soft cloud of sound soothing me toward sleep.

It takes three days to drive home from Zion. My husband and I will listen to the newly purchased cds as we drive. I have quite a collection now and it grows with each festival I attend. “Night Songs” was one we joked about never playing in the car. It is just too relaxing. After driving all day, however, it is just the thing to unwind body and spirit.

Peter Phippen’s haunting melodies on such a variety of flutes will keep him a favorite of mine for years to come.

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