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Native Rhythms Flute Festival

Byron and I have just returned from a trip to Melbourne Florida for the 2nd Native Rhythms Flute Festival. It was a wonderful weekend of seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Due to wonderful support from the town of Melbourne and Brevard County, the festival and all workshops were free to all who attended.

What a treat to spend three mornings in Clint and Vera’s Playshop. Everyone had a chance to learn and grow in a safe, accepting environment. Plus it was just plain FUN!

This was our first time being volunteers. We worked a few hours each day at the information/t-shirt/raffle/ booth. We hope to be able to help out next year as well. Getting to know some of those who work so hard putting it all together was a real treat. Seeing behind the scenes increased my appreciation of the event and all who work on other flute events as well.

It was announced that the festival organizers wanted to do something to help Jan Seiden with her medical bills. Vendors generously donated items to be auctioned specifically for Jan and those attending were generous with their bids and cash donations.

We missed Randy Granger who could not make it to this year’s Native Rhythms. However, there were many fine musicians on stage including Mark Holland and Autumn’s Child debuting a new cd, Jeff Ball and his band debuting their new cd, Johnny Lipford, and wonderful Robert Mirabal who made the journey at his own expense.

Byron and I have been known to purchase several flutes and cds at each event we attend, however, we escaped with only one flute and one cd. Our collection has grown to the point where we have already purchased the cds and fluted we most wanted. Our new flute is a drone in high Cm. the drone side has three holes, so the drone note can be changed. It’s something new for us, and has been fun.

After the evening concert on Saturday, Scott Kennedy and his wife Ann gave a performance on crystal bowls, tuned gongs, and on Tibetan bowls. It was all very meditative and soothing. Across the grounds, an impromptu drum circle was formed. The energy there was much different. We had learned in the playshop that high flutes carry better over drums, so Byron tested the theory with his new high Cm drone. It worked well and we both had a good time.

I also came away with good ideas for the class I will be teaching in March. Until then, both Byron and I will be playing with the new flute, and I’ll be working to add more music to the website.

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